AuroLite A173

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Basic Information: 

  • Model: AuroLite A173
  • Detection range: 180° horizontal, 60° vertical and 8 m forward.
  • Operating voltage 230V ~, 50 Hz
  • Switching capacity Max. 1000W incandescent lamps and 300W high-voltage halogen lamps
  • Rated voltage: 220V-50Hz
  • Rated power: 1000W self-incandescent lamp (resistive load) or 300 watts fluorescent lamp (inductive load) or 150 watts LD magic
  • Sensing range: 180 degrees, take 4 ± 1 minute (adjustable)
  • Working temperature: 5 degree C to 45C
  • Product size: 85x110x78mm
  • Body Material: PC
  • Dustproof and waterproof grade: 1P44 (indoor and outdoor use)
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Details Information:

For surface external installation, Adjustable time setting and light sensitivity,Setting time: from 10 ± 5 to 4 ± 1 minutes,Lux level: adjustable from 10 Lux to 150 Lux,Splash-proof (protection class: IP44).



  • Intelligent control of lights on when people come, and lights off when people leave
  • International leading green energy-saving lighting technology
  • Use the sensor to control the lighting and the node benefit is above 9096
  • The static power consumption of the sensor is less than 1W
  • Sensitive, beautiful and durable, it is the first choice for green lighting in the 2ist century!



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