RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner Refill 5 Litre

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Short Description:

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner

Brand: RAY.
Net Weight: 5 Litre.
Types: Glass & Household Cleaner Refill

  • Make scratch-free surface.
  • Spray evenly
  • clean more convenient
  • Make cleaning easier and simpler and more convenient and faster.
  • Zero watermark Detachable
  • free add water
  • considerate design
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Product Description:

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner Household and office items, including glass, metals, plastics, and laminated materials, are instantly clean.

RAY DO Glass & Household Cleaner Cleans TVs, computers and electronics, windows, mirrors and tableware, refrigerators, ovens and kitchen appliances, car windshields, laminated furniture, etc.

Ingredients: Butyl Glycol, STPP, SLS, Ammonia Solution, IPA, Aqua and others.

How to use: Spray with trigger pressure. In a clear soft tone. Wipe with a cloth.

Caution: Inflammatory for eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Switch off electrical equipment before use. Apply a little bit before using the colored material.

Use of Spray Gun: Turn the knob of the spray gun on.



Ray is Smartly Moving Lives with range of life saving products and services. This brand is committed to ensure the utmost quality. Our ultimate objective is to bring happy shine on faces

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